Welcome to the first installment of The King of Sports Blog's Daily Debate! For the next two weeks I will be posting a blog post every morning and expect all of you to weigh in on Twitter (@brad_wolff), FaceBook (The King of Sports Blog Fan Page), or comment below which player you believe is better. Unlike today's debate, the two players may have played in different generations or I will be comparing one player in their prime against a current player.

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TOPIC 1: Kevin Durant .vs. LeBron James (just the 2012 season)

Statistics (italic denotes who had a better stat):

Kevin Durant: 59 games27.6 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game, 3.5 assists per game, 50% FG Percentage, 85.6% FT Percentage37.7% 3PT Percentage38.5 minutes per game

LeBron James: 57 games, 26.8 points per game, 7.9 rebounds per game, 6.4 assists per game53% FG Percentage, 76.3% FT Percentage, 36.3% 3PT Percentage, 37.7 minutes per game

 Photo: TheBasketballGuru

Both Durant and LeBron have made this shortened NBA season one for the history books. I know all of you love to get on LeBron, his draumatic choking or his receeding hairline, but let's keep this purely basketball related. When making your decision, attempt to forget that James plays on the same court as a future Hall of Famer, Dwyane Wade, because KD shares Oklahoma City with a legitimate MVP candidate, Russell Westbrook. In my opinion, Durant is the clear cut MVP, with two thrilling game winners this season, but if you look at the numbers James may have been the greater player this season. The decision is in your hands: Who was better in 2012? Kevin Durant or LeBron James?

My Pick: Kevin Durant

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UPDATE: Results: LeBron James: 50%; Kevin Durant: 50%. Co-MVP's? Pass on tomorrow's "Daily Debate" to your friends and have them vote.

Tomorrow's "Daily Debate": Eli Manning .vs. Peyton Manning