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TOPIC 2: Peyton Manning .vs. Eli Manning

Statistics (italic denotes who had a better stat):

Peyton Manning: 141-67 record (67.7% winning percentage), 263.6 yards per game, 64.9% completion percentage, 5.5% TD Percentage, 1 Super Bowl (MVP), 35 career 4th quarter comebacks (1 in playoffs)

Eli Manning: 69-50 record (57.9% winning percentage), 227.9 yards per game, 58.4% completion percentage, 4.7% TD Percentage, 2 Super Bowls (MVP in both), 21 career 4th quarter comebacks (4 in playoffs)


Of course Peyton's regular season numbers are far better than Eli's and he's played two times more games than Eli, but, to many, the legendary quarterback debate comes down to who has more rings. Eli will obviously join Peyton in Canton by the time he hangs up his cleats, but your decision in this topic comes down to whether or not you see the career, regular season numbers proving more powerful than Super Bowl's and playoff wins/comebacks. I'm interested in what all of you have to say so make your pick and head to Twitter or FaceBook (Press either one) and vote, but don't forget to stop by tomorrow and come see topic two and the results from this debate.

My Pick: Peyton Manning

Yes, Eli has shown to be one of the greatest fourth quarter magicians, if not the greatest, of my lifetime, but I'm going with the older brother, being one myself. With Peyton out of the picture last year in Indy, NFL fans got to see just how important Peyton meant to the Colts as they finished eight less losses in 2011. Peyton has definitely been the better player in the regular season and in my opinion one ring is enough to cement yourself as better than your brother once you've won nearly 70% of your 208 regular season games.

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