There are two kinds of sports fans. One is the fan who plops down Sunday at 12:59 PM after sprinting out of the bathroom to see every single second of the football game. The one who won't go to the bathroom until its halftime so they're guaranteed they won't miss a beat. Then there's the fan that watches SportsCenter before leaving in the morning and reads the ESPN headlines about their team and calls themselves a fan expert. The first fan loves busting the second fans balls for being a "fake" fan. Ever since 1996, or whenever I actually started remembering things, I learned that sometimes all you need to do is watch the last two minutes and that's simply enough (i.e. March Madness) (or college sports in general). I hate watching a boring game. I lose focus sometimes in the 2nd and 3rd quarter of an NBA game. That was the reason I took a break from watching the sport in 2009. I am fully comfortable chilling, listening to Kanye, or having a snack and taking my time to get over to my couch to watch the game. Last night was the same story. 





I hopped on that Madden 12, got killed (thanks Matt Schaub), and then headed over to watch the University of Maryland take on the U. Now that U, formerly for University of Miami, is for untrustworthy all thanks to Nevin Shapiro, who can't play Madden like all of us or even supply college students with loans and yachts. Nevin is behind bars for life after a massive Ponzi scheme. Well that wasn't the story on Miami's mind tonight. I finally touched-down, got hammered with commercials and then finally, with 1:33 left in the third quarter I got to enjoy some pleasant college football. Some zoning out and FaceBook stalking/chatting took me to the 10:32 mark in the fourth. Immediately I realized that Stephen Morris, Jacory Harris' replacement, was on fire. At that point, his completion rate was at 82.3% and already had a rushing touchdown on top of 161 yards in the air. Not bad for a sophmore. I proceed to help people with their fantasy drafts and then with 4:01 tweet to my diminishing follower count that Miami just went up by one.




People sitting next to me when I watch sports tend to distract me. I sat near Nolan Ryan at the Rangers game and talking to his son, Reid, caused me to miss two innings. Well, my mom, sitting next to caused me to miss a score so Maryland regains the lead while I'm gone to make the lead two points with 1:33. It came down to fourth and four with 51 seconds, rain pouring down. At this point I'm worried that if they don't convert this down, my article sucks. Of course, as I type ferociously as I bang the keys, Cameron Chism takes the pass from Morris back for a pick six. The announcer says the games over. I turn away to finish up this piece. Wait! Maryland's center screws up the extra point, 8 point game. There is hope! I may not have just wasted my time. A few heaves later the game ended on another pick. Now I'm thinking, I just stayed up after a couple really late nights with school starting soon, I didn't see anything really exciting. So, what do I write about. Oh, I got it. 




This is the beginning of the end for the University of Miami's legendary football franchise. Once on top, the Hurricanes have produced some historically great players even when they were bad. Some of the decades NFL greats are from the U, the guys who won you fantasy leagues such as Andre Johnson and Frank Gore. After seeing Miami lose today missing multiple starters, I was able to tell that this was going to be this season's trend for the 'Canes. Here's my prediction: Miami will fall apart beginning next week when more and more players get benched and longer with suspensions. Next year will begin the "Death Penalty" punishment for Al Golden and Miami. That is all I need to say. Nevin Shapiro, who Golden called a "scumbag," according to The Business Insider, has screwed the University over. The dynasty's administration chose to turn their heads and let this all go by behind their back. Now, when they turn around on Saturday's in their vacant stadium, nothing will be going on behind their back.







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