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When Spanatix creator, Marlon Sullivan, decided to launch his site and app, his goal was to have the Worldwide Leader in Sports on the Internet, ESPN, meet the world's largest social media form, FaceBook. Millions play's Streak For The Cash game where you predict outcomes or statistics of sporting events, all in hope to win $1,000,000. Well, every player knows how difficult it is to actually win. On their app, FanMeter by Spanatix, fans are ranked based on their sports knowledge. Fans predict the winner of any sporting event, from a Red Sox-Yankees game to a rugby match. The best part is that you compete with your friends to see who knows more. Besides talking to your friends and making picks against each other, you can get a better feel for who to pick by checking out the new feature, the message boards. The "One on One" competition feature provides the atmosphere that Streak For The Cash is lacking. 


When you pick enough correct games without getting too many incorrect, you can redeem your points for free for prizes such as a Nike or Champs gift card. Sullivan, who is pretty good at the game, is talking with a radio station on providing even better prizes in the near future, such as tickets to sporting events. With college football, the NFL, Major League Baseball, and the US Open going on, now is a great time to get tons of points by making random guesses.


So if you're looking for some fun when you get bored on Facebook, head up to the search bar on top and search "FanMeter by Spanatix," play the game, and invite your friends.