anVsFan Bloggers, A MLB All-Star, and non-bloggers Unite for TKOSB MLB Awards

I, Brad Wolff, compiled writers from blogs mainly on FanVsFan, FaceBook friends of mine, and one Major League player to vote for the American League and National League MVP, Cy Young, and Rookie of the Year. Here are the results and ballot of each writer:

In parenthesis is who each blogger picked for their first place vote. The scoring system is 10 points for 1st place, 7 for 2nd place, and 5 for 3rd place.

American League MVP

Josh Hamilton-78 points (Evan Sidery, Smashing the Rim; Michael Hirschbein, VP, Business Development/Project Manager of FanVsFan; Rays Star Ben Zobrist)

Robinson Cano-54 points (Virginia Califano, Pinstripe Partisan; Me (Brad Wolff), The King of Sports Blog)

Miguel Cabrera-34 points

Jose Bautista-15 points (Kevin Duffy, Buckets Weekly)

Alex Rodriguez-10 points

Evan Longoria-7 points

Adrian Beltre, Mark Teixiera-5 points


National League MVP

Joey Votto-71 points (ES, VC, BW)

Albert Pujols-63 points (KD)

Carlos Gonzalez-59 points (BZ)

Roy Halladay-10 points (MH

Brian Wilson-5 points


American League Cy Young

CC Sabathia-77 points (ES, KD, VC, MH, BW)

Felix Hernandez-55 points

David Price-39 points (BZ-teammate of Price)

Clay Buchholz-17 points

Jon Lester-12 points

Cliff Lee/Justin Verlander-5 points


National League Cy Young

Roy Halladay-90 points out of 100 points (ES, KD, MH, BW, BZ)

Adam Wainright-46 points (VC)

Tim Hudson-29 points

Brian Wilson-24 points

Josh Johnson-12 points

Ubaldo Jimenez-7 points


American League Rookie of the Year

Neftali Feliz-82 points

Austin Jackson-52 points

Brennan Boesch-39 points 

Wade Davis-20 points (BZ-teammate of Davis)

Danny Valencia-10 points

Brian Matusz-5 points


National League Rookie of the Year

Buster Posey-90 points (ES, KD, VC, MH, BW, BZ)

Jason Heyward-64 points

Mike Stanton-15 points

Madison Bumgarner-12 points

Starlin Castro-7 points

Ike Davis/Jaime Garcia-5 points


Thanks to everyone that voted! If you are interested for next year email me at