Joining the FanVsFan Network in September has led to so many great experiences. I have gotten to show you so much and give you the opportunity to learn about your favorite player or first draft pick through my blog. I want to take you on a very small journey of what we've accomplished here before we speak a little bit about the NBA Draft that took place last night. 


I think that I came to the FanVsFan Network and brought out two of my guns immediately, two sports figures that are so much more popular now than they were in August. At the time one was just a college quarterback with some potential and the other was just his coach. Now, they are common names to every sports fan, age 7 to 97. September 4th, my interview with former Stanford Coach and now the San Francisco 49ers head coach Jim Harbaugh went on my site. The next day his quarterback, Andrew Luck and I's interview was on The King of Sports Blog. Luck is expected to be a top pick in next year's NFL Draft and is a Heisman favorite, again. Before I bore you to death, I'll speed up some of this recapping.


If it weren't for Mike Hirschbein, Eric Cordova, and all the other writers and developers at FanVsFan, I would be writing this article without a support base of sports writers and great people I could depend on. I would be writing on my blog that was the longest link in Blogger history. Instead, I write on the petite "" and I was able to cover events such as the NFLPA Rookie Debut, the MLB Draft where I got to speak to the next Baseball Hall of Famer Roberto Alomar, and many more. FanVsFan is continuing to improve and so will my blog and the radio show I began in February.  Next year, I have big plans for TheKingofSportsBlog franchise. More events, many more interviews, contests, and more interaction for all of you so you can ask the athletes your questions. My last thank you's go out to the great people that I got to meet and speak to this year, whether you are Von Miller or my newest Facebook friend, thank you. Can't forget my 3,000+ Twitter followers who are the best (except with all their NBA Draft trade rumors)!


Speaking of the NBA Draft, congrats to Hofstra guardCharles Jenkins, the first player I have ever covered a live game of and the first to be drafted professionally by the Golden State Warriors. That is my picture of Charles and press here if you want to see what I wrote about Charles during the season. So, what did all of you think of your team's draft last night? Tell me below in the comments section (you don't need an account, if you have a Facebook account then just start typing). As a Knicks fan, I always am a bit bummed out when they draft because I never like their picks. I don't go in-depth on NBA strengths and weaknesses, but I would've liked the Knicks to draft Morehead State forward Kenneth Faried, a big man who can rebound and block shots better than anyone in college this year. In the past, I was bummed out when the Knicks took Danilo Gallinari  instead of Joe Alexander (laugh at me) and when they took Andy Rautins last year instead of a center like Jerome Jordan, who they just got (I can laugh at you now). I wish Iman Shumpert the best and I hope he becomes a stud in New York. 


If you are wondering why I am writing a goodbye article, it is because tomorrow I leave for sleep-away camp until the middle of August. If you send me an email by pressing HERE I will receive your email and try to write you back as soon as possible. Let me know what's up! Send me an article of yours if you are a writer or if you are just a fan then send me news on your team to keep me posted. I will have limited use of Twitter and Facebook so I can keep you posted if you:

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Thanks so much again! Speak to all of you soon!