Have you ever had a long thinking session tying sports and music together? Probably not. Well, former Yankees center fielder Bernie Williams has put the thoughts of a great musician and World Champion inside 200 pages. Rhythms of the Game: The Link Between Musical and Athletic Performance is a composition of the thoughts of my favorite Yankee outfielder and his buddies Grammy-nominated Bob Thompson and Dave Gluck. If you were ever wondering what goes on in the head of a high-class baseball player while every pitch hits the bat, you no longer have to.

Throughout the book, Bernie shows how the similarities of sports and music allowed him to be one of the most successful Yankees of all-time. Since retiring from the Bronx Bombers in 2006, Williams has been nominated for a Latin Grammy. Bernie is also having success in helping students learn the art of music.

Number 51 is putting his stamp of grace and personality on musical education in schools thanks to his work with the National Association of Music Merchants. If you are one of the people who skip the foreword and preface to go to chapter one, make sure you read the legend Paul Simon's foreword after you buy the book next month. Simon shares a story with you about his encounter with Bernie pregame. Williams had asked Simon how he controlled his nerves.

Simon's witty reply was, "How do you come to bat in a World Series game and block out everything but the spin of a baseball traveling at ninety-five miles per hour?" Simon seems to sum up the entire book in the beginning saying, "Elite athletes and gifted musicians have a lot in common-years of training and thousands of hours of practice..."

Next month, when you are going to spend a day at the beach and you need a book, stop off at your local book store or head over to an electronic store and buy Rhythms of the Game. Enjoy!