Boy, has this been a week for the ages in terms of heated arguments for me. One dimensional baseball fans have nearly driven me to the edge of explosion to the point where I replied to a friend whose argument on Miguel Cabrera was the Triple Crown hasn't been won in 45 years saying, "Maybe everyone just sucked in those 45 years." Royce White has pissed off every single human being with the desire to step on an NBA court. And Tim Tebow is in the news again for not doing anything of relevance, but another Jet is the one who should be getting the heat from the fans. I digress. Let's try this whole sports anger management course out.


How the Triple Crown Grinch Stole the MVP?

To paraphrase the great John Lennon, "They may say I'm crazy, but I'm not the only one." A writer's truly legendary when they manage to steal the perfect words and that's what former Sports Illustrated legend Joe Posnanski managed to do in this great piece

But I will say that one thing that seems to happen when it comes to the MVP is that many people first pick the PLAYER they want to vote for and then pick the REASONS after that. With Cabrera, it became apparent to some people after a while that just repeating, again and again, that he won the Triple Crown wasn’t quite getting the job done.* After all, we live in the Moneyball era, when many people realize that batting average and RBIs are not exactly the first stats you should go to when trying to measure a player’s value. Plus, even the most staunch Triple Crown advocate might admit that it tells you nothing at all about a player’s defense, his base running, his ability to score runs, his ability to avoid hitting into double plays and about 5,000 other things.

*Admittedly, others never did reach this point and kept repeating, “If you win the Triple Crown, you win the MVP.” They repeat it still.


First of all, if you are blabbering about who should have won the MVP then you must know what it means: Most Valuable Player. As a few people on my Twitter timeline call them, box score fans, would tell you that if you win the award for the most important statistics, the beloved Triple Crown, you’re a shoe-in to win the MVP. Now that we got that out of the way, a four year old could tell you that baseball is far beyond just batting average or home runs. It doesn’t take a mathematician or as the absurd ESPN analyst Rob Parker likes to call his statistician colleagues in Bristol, a stat geek, to tell you that. But hold up, isn’t runs batted in a statistic? “It’s not one of those stats with a three letter acronym that stands for something (I don’t know what), but that guy Brad Pitt played in that movie mentioned in.” The argument for Trout could be made without the stats that soar over the normal fan’s head. Was Miguel Cabrera absolutely terrible in the field this year? Yes. Was he an average third baseman? ABSOLUTELY NOT. Cabrera was a detriment to the Detroit Tigers when he stepped out onto the field with a mitt on. Now what about that teenager on the Angels who will probably be the next Willie Mays and get his shot at an MVP? Was the “Millville Meteor” a liability for Mike Scioscia’s squad? Nope, rather he was voted by many, including by the Fielding Bible Award committee, the best player at his position. Last time I checked, when you search for a video of Miguel Cabrera in the field, you get one where he gets hit in the face, opposed to one of him imitating Spiderman and robbing home runs. There is a FOUR MINUTE video of defensive highlights from just this year by Mike Trout. I’ll leave it at that. You know the rest and if not, I created a collection of my fiery tweets from last night’s awards show located here.


Who should shut up first: you or Royce White?


I’m not sure even Rockets GM and genius Daryl Morey saw this one coming. Multiple reports flew across the sports sphere this afternoon that the Rockets first round draft choice Royce White (Iowa State) would be walking away from the sport before ever ripping off the sweatpants and getting on the court. I’m not here to defend anybody, but all I will say is, if you are using a social media outlet to bash an embattled young man, you better look in the mirror. Royce White may come off as a martyr and took the opportunity to play in the NBA for granted, but unless you know what he is dealing with, there is absolutely no reason to make fun of him. This man probably worked for twenty-one years to be able to get that call from an NBA team. Go ahead and tease this kid because he has a severe fear of flying (not including dunking) because you are making fun of somebody who had, and may still have, the opportunity to help millions of people in spreading awareness for psychiatric disorders. Best of luck, Royce.


Was there something Jets GM Mike Tannenbaum saw last season that everyone else didn’t?


The Jets aren’t a circus because nobody laughs when they go to a circus. This team and organization blows my mind. Earlier today on New York’s WFAN, Jets General Manager Mike Tannenbaum had this to say about his job security:

"I'm not worried about me right now. I'm the last thing I'm worried about. I'm worried about this team and anything I can do to help. And each week, we've had our challenges more than an average year but no one's going to feel bad for us."

Thanks for telling us you finally realize that this is a poorly constructed team that has a football operations office that was basically told by the Football G-ds not to trade for Tim Tebow when there was an issue over the Heisman Trophy winner's salary. Besides from an obvious locker room divide of cowards and people who think Tebow or Greg McElroy should get a chance, but don't want to say it anonymously, it's beyond clear that this team was set to fail. Thanks Mike! Tannenbaum decided to bring in Rex Ryan's archnemisis, Tony Sparano, to ground and pound, but somebody upstairs forgot that the Jets don't have a run game. Pass rush was clearly going to be nonexistent after it was horrid, aside from Aaron Maybin (cut by the team this week), last season. Tannenbaum sat around, which also falls on the head coach, and didn't bring anyone in and guess what that lead to: tied for 22nd in sacks so far this season. Mr. T nearly made the fans have an additional 16 panic attacks when he almost kept Wayne Hunter to be the team's starting right tackle. Take responsibility, Tannenbaum! "I will take responsibility for not assembling a winning team and we are going to do our best to get that job done so we could get back to the playoffs next season." Why even go on Francesa anyway?


Sesssions up. Good stress reliever. Let me know what you think @brad_wolff on Twitter or comment below.