The first Sunday with football is today! A proud father, Archie Manning, will be glued to his picture-in-picture, hi-def TV starting at one o'clock. So I have some week one picks starting right here:

Cleveland at Tampa Bay

Cleveland 21, Tampa Bay 7

The Buccs are on their way to another top-5 draft pick season and Jake Delhomme has experience and that will show against the young Josh Freeman.


Miami at Buffalo 

Miami 35, Buffalo 17

Miami's defense will force Trent Edwards to struggle. But the 'Phins should be afraid of the Clemson stud, now Bill, CJ Spiller, who will run for 80+ yards in his first electrifying NFL performance. 


Cincinnati at New England

Cincinnati  18, New England 21, OT

New England has a very young secondary, which is making people think Carson Palmer will have a crazy game and win. But I'm choosing the upset in the Pats. 


Indianapolis at Houston

Indianapolis 30, Houston 24

A lot of people believe that Houston will be great this year and start off by beating the Colts. I don't! The Texans run game is too young and will struggle week one.


Denver at Jacksonville

Denver 17, Jacksonville 31

I think this is the year of MJD and David Garrard. The Broncos, a team who started off the season great last year, will start off bad this year.


Pittsburgh at Atlanta

Pittsburgh 24, Atlanta 21, OT

I have believed in Dennis Dixon to be good in the pros since his season ending injury when he was a Heisman front runner. Now his time to shine with Big Ben's suspension, and he will strive. 


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